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Is your PC system running slower than you like? Did you remove tons of spyware and viruses only to find that your system just isn't performing like it used to? There's a simple solution and that's more memory. Whether you are running a PC or laptop, Master Tech has the memory that you need in order to get your system up and running, just like it was before. We especially reccommend you upgrade to 1GB or memory if you are running Windows XP Service Pack 2. 1GB is also a major requirement if you are planning to upgrade to the brand new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. But whatever your memory needs, we're right here to help you!

PC Memory DDR
D32PB12C25 STT D400 512MB/32X8 CL2.5 16CH Memory $89.00
D32PB1G25 STT D400 1GB/64X8 CL2.5 16CH Memory $109.00
X32PB2GC STT D400 2GB (2X1GB) CL3 Dual Channel Memory Kit $179.00


PC Memory DDR2
T800UA512S STT DDR2-800 512MB/64x8 CL5 Memory $89.00
T800UB1GC5 STT DDR2-800 1GB/64x8 CL5 Memory $109.00
T800UX1GC5 STT DDR2-800 1GB (2x512MB) CL5 Dual Channel Memory Kit $149.00
T800UX2GC5 STT DDR2-800 2GB (2x1GB) CL5 Dual Channel Memory Kit $289.00


Laptop Memory SODIMM
D333SC512 STT D333 SODIMM 512MB/64X8 Notebook Memory $89.00
D333SB1G STT D333 SODIMM 1GB/64X8 Notebook Memory $139.00
T533SC512 STT DDR2-533 SODIMM 512MB/64X8 Notebook Memory $89.00
T667SB1G STT DDR2-667 SODIMM 1GB/64x8 Notebook Memory $139.00

Addittionally, we use the Super Talent brand memory, solid memory that's made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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